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Harry was born at Clee Hill on the 17th September 2009.

He is a Bearded Collie, not CC registered, but will be registered with the Working Bearded Collie Society.

His full name is Random Harry and was bred by Mrs Carol Allen.

Father is "Smith's Sky" and Mother is "Cinnamon April Morning Mist over Foxtarn" otherwise known as Fern

February 2014

January 2013 in the snow

bearded collie

bearded collie

bearded collie

February 2012 in the snow with Mothy

October 2011 just over 2 years old


Here is Harry in June 2011 - with a haircut

Facing up to each other


Harry 12 months, and Moffat nearly 3 years.

He's getting to be a big boy now at 6 months

26th January 2010, went solo...

and similar shot 7th October 2010

and again in Ocotober 2011


Finally he arrived on the 19th November 2009.

Initially we had some upset with Moffat who was not at all keen on this new upstart. But after one day had accepted the new one quite happily.

He takes great interest in everything.

Harry now at 13 weeks

At Croft Farm

13 weeks

impressions of Morecombe and Wise

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