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The Mothy Band

Listen to the Mothy Band. This is a recording from 1988 at a wedding ceilidgh near Ross on Wye

Pre Mothy band there was the Midland and Royal Ceilidh Band, this picture dates back to 1976. This band was formed out of the regulars of Gloucester Folk Club.

midland and Royal Ceili Band

Players here are Caro Pardoe, Michael David Keane Price, Dickie Major, myself, Rod Penlington.

The Mothy Band had it's first set of bookings at the Falkland Arms, Great Tew, here is a somewhat dingy picture. 1977 I believe. I was not considering leading a band at that stage, but due to a booking being made without my knowledge, I was presented with a fait-de-complis (sic?)

Early Mothy Band

Line up here is Katie Morgan, myself, Julian, Polly

Julian was a shepherd and played the violin, Polly is his partner sang and played guitar,and keeps goats. Katie was persussion on bodhran, bones and washboard. Julian also loved moths, drove a mothmobile (Renault 5) into which he put moth juice, consequently when looking for a name for the band, moth came to mind. The opportunity to plagiarise the name Bothy after the famous Irish band was too good an opportunity to miss. The Mothy band has been resting now for a few years due to a total inertia on my part to go out and play any more music. The button accordion and concertina being my chosen instruments. However a possible renaissance may be in the offing.  

White Lion Hotel

Pub Session including David, Kate and myself, in the background can be seen Laurie and Tony MacGuiness. White Lion Hotel, Upton upon Severn 1999

Hamish West and Roly

Hamish West and myself. Horse and Groom, Ryall, 2001

Paul Hawes and Roly

Myself and Paul Hawes. Horse and Groom, Ryall, 2001

Paul and Glyn Watson

Paul Hawes and Glyn Watson. Horse and Groom, Ryall, 2001


Rod Penlington, myself and Dickie Major at a City of Gloucester Mummers reunion. Witcombe Village Hall, 2001



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